Ink To Pixels is an independent game development company based in Aalborg, Denmark.  Ink To Pixels’ vision is to bring childhood memories back to life by making games reminiscent of the best games from the 80’s and 90’s, but with innovative mechanics. We love retro games, and if you do too, then you will love our games. 

The company consists of a young international team passionate about moving ideas from the drawing board into reality. Our team has very complementary skills, allowing us to keep as much production as possible in-house. 

Co-Owner & Lead Developer

Magnus was born at a very young age in Western Denmark. Since then, he has had a passion for developing video games. Later, he studied Software Engineering, and became the best programmer Ink To Pixels had ever had. 

Co-Owner & Lead Designer

Alex was born in the far away land of Romania. After travelling and studying across Europe, he eventually settled in Denmark, where he studied Information Architecture. Despite not liking rye bread, he Denmark is pretty cool. 

Comic Artist
Sound Designer
Web Designer


In 2018, while still students, we started working on System Under Surveillance, a retro stealth-adventure game where your goal is not to kill or destroy the enemies, but rather to trick and avoid them. Soon after, we joined the Aalborg University Startup Program and GameHub Scandinavia, allowing us to work on the business side of things. During this period, we also established customer contact, creating a considerable organic social media follower base. 

Soon after graduation, we were granted the opportunity to participate in the Innovativ Growth program, financed by the EU and Aalborg Municipality. This gave us the necessary funds to work full time in our company and focusing on validating our business plan and product.  

Recently, we have published System Under Surveillance in Early Access on Steam, carrying forward our philosophy of designing games with the direct input and feedback of the players. We are currently focusing on doing just that, while also finishing the development of the game. 


Awesome indie developers. Gonna keep a close eye on them!

Jonas, Denmark

I really loved SUS… Keep up the great work!

Daniel, Denmark

OMFG Haven’t had such a good game in ages!!

Hugh, UK

Love it.

Alessia, Italy

I hope you will keep making more awesome games.

Riccardo, Spain

TURBO is just so hecking sweet!

Anna, France

contact US

contact US

Our vision is to bring childhood memories back to life. We create video games that are inspired in style, music, and storytelling by the most loved classics of the 80s and 90s. At the same time, our games introduced unique gameplay and modern mechanics, making them feel fresh and fun to play.


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Our vision is to create games with nostalgia in mind, allowing gamers to re-experience their childhood memories through modern retro-style game. Our visual style, storytelling, animations and music are reminiscent of classics from the 80s and 90s.


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All Rights Reserved © 2022 Ink To Pixels I/S