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System Under Surveillance (SUS) is an upcoming stealth indie game with adventure elements and puzzle elements similar to The Legend of Zelda series. The game's visuals are inspired by classic retro games, but in an isometric perspective.


In SUS, there is not combat system: you'll have to use your own problem solving abilities and understanding of the cyberpunk environment to succeed.

In System Under Surveillance, you control two character with vastly different abilities. Adam is an ordinary boy with no apparent super power, yet highly intelligent and resourceful. His abilities to hack into IT systems and effectively use the environment allow him to evade enemies with ease.

TURBO is an old and quirky cleaning robot, and Adam's trusted companion. TURBO can hover over small distances, and transform into a metallic ball, giving him the ability to fit into tight spaces and pipes.

You, as the player, will need to combine each character's unique abilities to overcome the challenges, avoid and trick the enemies, and solve clever puzzles to progress in the game.
After a suspicious car chase involving his adoptive mother, Adam finds himself stranded alone in the middle of a dangerous dystopian city. He soon finds out that the authorities are after him, without knowing why.

While struggling to escape and survive, he finds a quirky cleaning robot labeled "Teleautonomous Unit Responsible for Bleaching Operations" , or TURBO for short. Despite the name, TURBO is pretty clumsy and slow, but with its big digital heart, it will accompany Adam in his journey, helping him discover the dark truth surrounding the accident.
We plan to initially release System Under Surveillance on Desktop (PC Mac) and mobile devices (Android, iOS).

We might consider increasing the game on other platforms too in the future, if there is enough demand.
We plan to release System Under Surveillance in English initially. However, if there is enough demand, we might translate it in other languages as well, such as Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Let us know what languages you would like to see!
We are working really hard, but this is our first game, and we are trying to create a gaming experience rich of storytelling, for those gamer who love stealth, adventure, and puzzle games

We don't know exactly when the game will be ready, but we hope to release it in Q1 2022.